Street Tennis at the SNAI San Siro hippodrome

A curious pre-match took place at the Snai San Siro Hippodrome for the Milanese stage of the ATP Challenger Tour: the two finalists of the men’s singles competed in street tennis under the majestic Leonardo’s Horse.

Even before the “official” match, the final of the ASPRIA Tennis Cup – BCS Trophy, the Challenger organized at the ASPRIA Harbor Club, experienced a tasty appetizer. In fact, on the morning of Saturday 29 June, Federico Agustin Gomez and Filip Cristian Jianu faced each other in a street tennis challenge: the “Guerriglia ATP Challenger” was staged in the evocative setting of the Snai San Siro Hippodrome. In an unusual approach to the match, the two athletes crossed the wrought iron gates of the racecourse and gave life to an unprecedented exchange of blows in the shadow of Leonardo’s majestic Horse, offering an unexpected spectacle to enthusiasts and the curious. The event was particularly heartfelt, since it is not so common for two finalists of a professional tournament to have a match of this type before competing on the field. However, the tradition of the Milan event and – above all – the beauty of the scenery were irresistible. At a certain point, Jianu realized that there was little time left for the final and, pointing to his opponent’s watch, put an end to the performance. The two recovered their equipment and returned to the club, leaving behind an extraordinary place where sport, music, history, architecture, art and design meet within a botanical park of immense value. The event took place under the patronage of Municipality 7 and the collaboration of Snaitech, owner of the Snai San Siro Hippodrome.