ASPRIA Tennis Cup and Zerogen for sustainibility

A nice “educational” event raised the awareness of the ASPRIA Tennis Cup ball boys to behave virtuously to protect the environment.

The morning of Thursday 27 June, finally warmed by a beautiful sun, welcomed a beautiful moment of sharing in the small square of the ASPRIA Harbor Club. Among the sponsors of the tournament is Zerogen, a company that deals with recycling materials, giving a large hand to the environment . Specifically, Zerogen recovers used tennis balls and – with an advanced production system, converts them into sports clothing. Since the ASPRIA Tennis Cup – BCS Trophy has always been attentive to sustainability and respect for the environment, the partnership was natural. Some ball boys were the subject of a short “educational” appointment: Zerogen’s activity was explained to them, and how important it is to recycle the material already used. In addition to being very interested, the kids proved to be already quite prepared, having already had a certain type of education at school. Some of them then deposited the tennis balls in the Zerogen container and launched some appeals, inviting everyone to act in compliance with environmental sustainability.