Vista Vision is the new sponsor of the Aspria Tennis Cup

Vista Vision will be present at the Aspria Tennis Cup 2022 as a sponsor of the event. Vista Vision is one of the largest Italian networks in the private eye care industry.

The first clinic opened in the city of Milan in 1991, today it has more than 15 direct and associated offices distributed from North to South, specialized in refractive surgery and ocular microsurgery. The Aspria Tennis Cup is therefore happy to welcome this important reality that combines medicine and technology and which will put its skills at the service of sport. “Vista Vision is proud to support the Aspria Tennis Cup 2022. We have always been at the side of sportsmen who decide to improve their eyesight, thanks to the latest generation laser treatments, to maximize performance. In particular, in tennis, a correct vision is decisive and decisive for the athlete’s game “, commented Andrea Battarin, Head of Communication and Marketing VISTA VISION.