Ercole Mouthguards & Aspria Tennis Cup, a winning combination

For years alongside the ASPRIA Tennis Cup – BCS Trophy, Tecnort Ortodonzia, an orthodontic laboratory operating since 1990 under the guidance of Fabio Arnò, is also present in 2021. Among the most significant products launched by the studio is ERCOLE Mouthguard, a professional mouthguard designed for sports activities. When one thinks of a sports mouthguard, one immediately thinks of contact sports (where it is mandatory). In reality, as Arnò pointed out, the product is made to measure and is important not only for safety, but also for optimizing performance during sports. In non-contact sports – including tennis – the concentration of the muscles of the stomatognathic system, caused by competitive tension and direct contact between the jaw and mandible, can cause injuries and fractures.

On the contrary, ERCOLE Mouthguard promotes a feeling of security and a neuromuscular balance which – once tried – become indispensable. The arrival of ERCOLE has changed the perception of many: the analysis of the physical shape of a sportsman, in fact, takes into consideration all parts of the body, but almost never the mouth. Precisely for this reason, and by virtue of the increasingly positive feedback (without forgetting an exceptional testimonial such as the skier Peter Fill), Tecnort Ortodonzia launched itself decisively in the market, obtaining excellent results. Among other things, the product can also be customized with the inclusion of colors, logos, names and graphics. The ERCOLE project is very close to the world of tennis, as evidenced by a partnership with the tournament that has been going on since 2018 and has not been limited to the ASPRIA Tennis Cup, but has also embraced the Firenze Tennis Cup. “ERCOLE thanks ASPRIA Tennis Cup and ASPRIA Harbor Club for this further year of partnership and presence in the tournament, a combination of which we are fully satisfied “said Fabio Arnò.