Biogravie – Walking Through the lives of cities

One of the strengths of the ASPRIA Tennis Cup – BCS Trophy is its ability to accompany the competitive affair with entertainment events of various kinds. The show BiograVIE – A stroll through the lives of the city, a theatrical production by Alberto Oliva and Carlo Decio, fits into this context. It is a monologue featuring a street artist, a vagabond in perfect Fellini style, who every day chooses a new street to sleep on. At the same time he has a particular passion for street names, which are often named after people who have extraordinary lives, sometimes capable of changing history. And he nurtures the dream that one day there may be a small life named after him, so that he will be remembered just as he remembers everyone else. The event is scheduled at 9 p.m. (*) on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at the cozy ASPRIA Harbour Club. Viewing of the show costs 18 euros and one can make reservations at the club’s reception desk. It will be a truly atmospheric evening.

(*) The start time may vary depending on when the day’s program on the Central Field ends.