Aperegina, pure (and all natural) energy

ASPRIA Tennis Cup is synonymous with Quality. Quality with a capital C. For this, he also carefully chooses his partners. The parterre of the sponsors is of the highest level: many companies have chosen to link their image to that of the tournament, in a mutual and profitable exchange. Among the partners there is also APEREGINA, a company that is successfully launching itself into the integration market, with many products designed and dedicated to sport. To give substance to the passion and work of father Silvano was Gianpaolo Calvarese, a face known to the mainstream public for being one of the most experienced and appreciated Italian football referees. But Calvarese is also an environmental engineer and he transmits passion when he talks about APEREGINA. “I had known the ASPRIA Harbor Club for some time, I had already attended it due to my work – says Calvarese – then I got to know the organizational director Carlo Alagna: through him we approached the tournament in the field of integration and catering, and now we have taken a step further “. Taking a look at the APEREGINA website you will discover a rather varied world, with various types of supplements. Are there any that are particularly suited to tennis? “Of course – says Calvarese – the first that comes to mind is SUPER HYDRA ENERGY. It is good for all sports, but it is particularly suitable for those that produce high sweating and prolonged exertion. We came after other competitors in the sector, and we were able to work on the feedback from the athletes. Personally I’m a huge tennis fan: compared to Connors and McEnroe’s times, you go much faster, so I think EXTREME is also very interesting, because it helps in terms of power and recovery. Also I would not forget SPRINT ENERGY, which integrates in terms of energy as you do business. Certainly, during the activity you should not consume proteins “.

Despite being a professional in the world of football, Calvarese is a sincere fan of our sport. “I am a romantic, and in the past tennis had a streak of romance that made it beautiful and compelling. I preferred fast surfaces and attackers: I am thinking of players like Michael Stich and Goran Ivanisevic, who expressed themselves best on grass, my favorite surface. Then Edberg and Sampras arrived … let’s say that I have always preferred the forwards over the Michael Chang riders ”. Returning to APEREGINA, considering how competitive the market in the sector has become, we asked Calvarese why a sportsman should prefer it to the many products on the market. “First of all, I have to thank the competitors because they have created a slice of the market that did not exist before. Secondly, I would say that our advantage is that we arrived later. We have benefited from their tradition, but by introducing important innovations such as the use of natural products that had never been used in sports: honey, royal jelly, pollen and propolis are the first that come to mind. We have tried to evolve the existing product, trying to improve and providing the user with a tailor-made product. Also I like to remember that we always try to stick to natural products: for example, we take caffeine directly from mate or guarana. Or the choice not to use aromas, favoring flavored lemon juices “. To get all the information on the APEREGINA offer, just visit the website and you will discover a fascinating varied world. A world destined to grow, just like that of the ASPRIA Tennis Cup.

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