At the Aspria Tennis Cup – BCS Trophy, the extraordinary board meeting of the Balette Club was held. Besides the legendary “scribe” Gianni Clerici, there were Giuseppe Fumagalli of BCS, Francesca Schiavone, the “lady of tennis” Lea Pericoli, as well as Roberta Minardi and Roberta Guaineri.

The Balette Club plays an important cultural and historical role. Balette are the ancestors of tennis balls, and several have recently been found in some Italian cities, notably Jesi, Mantua, and Urbino. These are finds dating back to the 17th-18th centuries (when there was the game of pallacorda) and very few examples exist. To give an idea of how valuable and expensive they were, one of them is even painted. It was the “scribe” Gianni Clerici who wished for the birth of a club, and thanks to Carla Saveri’s stubbornness, the dream became a reality. ASPRIA Harbour Club was more pleased than ever to host the club’s extraordinary board meeting, which moreover aroused great interest among members and frequent visitors.
Because the history of tennis also passes through here.