On Thursday afternoon, the ASPRIA Tennis Cup had the pleasure of organizing an interesting conference in which the now well-known Hercules the Professional Mouthguard project was explained. Among the speakers was internationally renowned doctor Regina Queiroz.
Established for years in many sports disciplines, the use of the mouth guard is now strongly recommended for athletes of all ages. Mandatory in contact sports such as boxing, field hockey and rugby, the use of the individual mouth guard is recommended by ADA (American Dental Association) and IASD (International Academy of Sports Dentistry). Its functionality is also critical in many other sports, including tennis. The main testimonial for ERCOLE is ski champion Peter Fill.
ERCOLE® is made so that it can completely cover the upper arch, be well fitted
and have occlusal guidance to protect the lower teeth and mandibular movement.
ERCOLE® has a protective function and can lead to improved sports stamina. It also ensures the
comfort and protection of the athlete, which are essential features for the athlete to perform sports activities to their fullest potential at all times.
ERCOLE® is an individual, custom-designed and made-to-measure device, exclusively with a medical-specialist dental prescription, based on the dental impressions
of the athlete, taken by the dentist.
The ERCOLE® mouth guard is a device made exclusively by Tecnort Orthodontics of Fabio Nello Arno, a dental technician of mature professionalism and specialized
in the manufacture of orthodontic devices.
The contraction of the muscles of the stomatognathic apparatus, caused by competitive tension, and the violent contact
direct between the maxilla and mandible can cause injuries and fractures. There is a close relationship between balanced occlusion and decreased injuries, during the performance of sports activities, safeguarding the health of the athlete.
ERCOLE® is the athlete’s shield against these risks. Main objectives of its use, during sports activities: prevention, protection and balance.